Enjoy five new features that will enhance your ability to track and download data, schedule calls, and access recordings.
With Version 4.3.20, you can:

Add Total Calls, ASA, AICT, and BC to Interpreter Exports. Access all four metrics when you export your interpreter roster from the system.

Use the new Quick Schedule option in Add Interpreter’s screen. Skip the Broadcasting step to speed-up scheduling.

Open, Play, and Download Voice Recordings. Access recordings for playback and download them directly from call logs.

Use Admins calling Admins/Interpreters OnDemand features. Bypass requestors for calls that don’t require them and dial ANY online interpreter in your roster.

Add a Billable Duration Column to Call Logs and Invoices. Add this column to CV downloads to see the duration of a call represented in what’s billable to your clients.

Along with our user interface updates, we’ve added new under-the-hood features, optimized existing ones, and squashed over 20 bugs out of existence.


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