Major Items included:

Boostlingo's next step towards complete interoperability, Zoom VRI.  Included in this releases are the tools to configure your integrations, report on calls, and allow your interpreters to seamlessly answer and enter a Zoom video enabled room.

With 4.2.10 LSC Admins will be able to:

  • Configure Zoom for your accounts - Zoom configuration policies allow you to create Zoom access for your clients.  Set up configuration once, and apply it to allow your accounts or customize configuration for just one.  Our policy engine allows for the cloning of settings to help reduce administration time for all your many accounts.
  • Allow Accounts to register their Zoom instance with Boost - Boostlingo supports both Organization and User level authentication.   Are you clients using  Zoom Pro or Business?  Their Zoom admin can authenticate that account with Boostlingo and all of its supported users are automatically enabled.   Do they have an individual account?  Individual users can authenticate their own accounts just for THEIR access.
  • Add VRI interpreters, On Demand, to any Zoom session - Once configuration is done Interpreters receive calls like they normally would and, when answered on the web, they will be automatically joined into a Zoom session with full Zoom controls.  No need for a plugin, it just works!  Use your own interpreters or enable the crowd and have our BPIN take the call for you.
  • Fully report and export Zoom call logs - In the end this is a normal call, all the information you expect to have access to is there.  From start times, to durations, interpreter information and call quality ratings are all available and ready for you to report/export.

In 4.2.10b - This is a simple housekeeping release that includes the following:

Ability to search Audit Trails by free text search

Audit trails can now be searched by an actual Account name, an amount or simply a status name.

Conference calling rate

Gives LSC admins the ability to customize a flat rate for a conference call

Other items in release:

  • Bug fixes
  • Performance and stability updates
  • Slight changes to UI for policies


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