New IVR Intake Control - Key/Values

With new controls supported in Pre-call forms comes new ways to interact.  The key/value control will allow you to save data against a numeric value.  If this value doesn’t exist, then you can prevent the form from saving.  The perfect scenario?  Setup your own authentication system, ask users to enter their pin and if it matches continue with the call!


Requestor Role Management

Roles now extend to requestor admins in your client accounts.  Create a role, set it's permissions and assign it to any accounts admin role.  Permissions include access to Company Info, Quick Dials and IVR, Invoicing and Rates, Consumers and many more.  Pick and choose how admins can configure their Accounts today!


SSO and oAuth

Now Boostlingo can allow you to register with your Microsoft or Google Business account.  Stay secure and private by allowing your users to log in with a single ID and password.   Enforce two-factor authentication, manage user access direct from Microsoft or Google Business administrative accounts.  Simple, safe and secure and also available on all mobile applications.


Bulk invoice Send to Quickbooks

Managing invoices just got easier.  Your administrators no longer need to check and review individual invoices before passing them to Quickbooks.  Do this all in one step!   One action will take all invoices in the Draft or above status and mass send them to Quickbooks!  Easy and efficient!


iCal Integration

Take your Scheduled OPI/VRI/OSI appointments with you with Boostlingo support for internet Calendars.  With iCal support store and exchange scheduling information for your interpretation events.   Manage the workflow from Boostlingo, but manage your day in any calendar application!  This is just the first step, more calendar sharing to come!


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