Major Items included:

System Audit Trail

A new/comprehensive look at all system actions taken across your instance.  Audit trails are a chronological record of all actions taken in the system that effect Rates, Permissions, User settings, Logins, Routing and more. 

Find who edited a setting and when and filter for by day or type.  Filter actions by Date Range, the trackable area, the role who took the action or the particular user.  Actions supported include:

  • Rates - see how rates were created, updated or deleted across Account and Interpreters.  See changes at the system level, overrides and even see the values that changed and who made them.
  • Permissions - view important interpreter permissions changes.  What language was add/removed, service type and communication type changes and even see the values that changed and who made them.
  • Login/Logout - see login/logout data across interpreters, requestors, administrators etc.  Even see failed login attempts.
  • User Settings- see who was invited, status changes, deletion of users, new registrations, role changes and any company status changes with each option showing the values that changed and who changed them.
  • Routing - view important changes like routing to the BPIN, call center routing, conference calling settings, and even Call/Do Not Call lists on the account level. 


Report/Logs Date Scope increased 

Unlock the reporting capability of Boostlingo by being able to search on ANY time frame with Logs and Reports.  

System Performance/Stability improvements

One of our most notable changes in sometime.  Calls feel snappier, answering is instantaneous and online/offline status changes are immediately synced across ALL devices.


What's Next:

Zoom VRI 2.0 - game changing video integrations with your favorite conferencing software are coming…more information to come


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