Zoom for OPI

  • Do your clients use Zoom?  Boostlingo now supports callbacks directly into your current Zoom session
  • Configure Language support and directly invite an interpreter
  • Boostlingo's routing engine will find the appropriate resource and dial them into your session within seconds
  • Interpreters immediately join when available, no hold music
  • Invite multiple interpreters into the same session
  • Supports the BPIN or your own internal resources
  • Email invites can be saved to your company directory and added for any user in your organization

Realtime QOS

  • All Boostlingo calls now show Network stability in Realtime
  • 4way video calls will show if a user is experiencing connectivity issues
  • QOS can show slower connections and/or no connection and inform all users


Scheduling 4way video enhancements

  • Schedule your sessions ahead of time with BoostLink and our interpretation scheduling system
  • Send out prescheduled links to all users
  • Users can join scheduled calls from their phone or their apps
  • If a meeting time changes, automatically inform all users to ensure attendance
  • Invite ANY user by email or SMS


Additional Features coming

  • Custom forms for Requestor Profiles
  • Custom forms for Account Profiles
  • Custom Specialized types for routing and billing
  • Allow participants who joined with 4way audio to enable their camera at anytime
  • Ability to arrange 4way videos screens


…as always, stability and performance improvements throughout the system


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