New Feature - Video Conferencing:

  • Connect up to 4 participants for OnDemand or Scheduled calls
  • Participants can be added at any time by both Interpreter and Requestor
  • Add users by link, SMS, or email
  • No installation required and additional participants never need to log in
  • Participants can join by Video, Audio, or over the phone
  • Requestors and Interpreters have full room control, can remove or mute users at anytime
  • Stay private:  A knock to join filter allows Requestors or Interpreters to decide who enters the room
  • Stay private:  Transient rooms provide 0 access to users who were not explicitly invited
  • Mobile support for iOS and Android
  • Fully configurable: Pick and choose what role has permissions for a call.
  • Fully reportable: Details of call are immediately exportable and reportable through the system for all registered users
  • Waiting Rooms:  Invited users gather in a brand-able waiting room and can wait for meetings to begin



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