New Major Features included:

  • Preferred Interpreters 

Allow you Accounts to request their favorite interpreters for scheduled onsite/opi/vri appointments.  After they create a request, they can add from a list of previously worked with interpreters.  LSC admins can still choose if this is the right resource for the job.

  • Privacy and Compliance settings

Choose what information you want to show or hide from interpreters by appointment status.  Fields are hidden everywhere an interpreter has access: mobile, web and even the emails or messages they receive for work requests.  Hide the for 1 status, then show for another and do this for 1 Account or everyone in your system.



  • New Incoming Web Call Screen

VRI call requests now show YOUR video feed before the call begins.  Interpreters can check their environment before answering and guarantee a professional and safe session.

  • Revisions and Time Approvals

Find appointments requiring time approvals easier form the calendar view and even Revise and Approve from your mobile device as an LSC admin!

  • Saving Locations from Appointment forms

Admins and Accounts can now save locations to Location management directly from the Appointment create form.  Do things quicker and more efficiently.


And many more like IVR Pin locking, CSV field optimizations, Location names everywhere, and more than 50 bugs squashed!


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