Major items included:

  • Resource View 

One of our largest scheduling enhancements yet.  See your ENTIRE teams scheduled in 1 view.  Find empty time slots and fill them all based on even more filters to isolate that PERFECT resource.  See our included documentation on how this works.  This feature is not enabled by Default.   If you're interested in turning on Resource View please reach out to your Account Manager for more information.

  • Timezone done right

 Timezone information displayed everywhere.  From timezone change warnings, to current timezone in the footer, timezones for both you and Appointment in emails/messages, timezones in Appointment tabular views.  Boostlingo now makes sure you never miss another appointment by ensuring your aware of what job is at what time, for the interpreter on the move.

  • IVR Optimizations

Simple put: your customers will spend less time navigating menus, and more time finding the perfect interpreter for their needs.  Our optimizations have shaved >1 minute from every IVR call through a tighter menu experience.

  • AutoBroadcasting Priorities 

Changes the logic for who is Invited to an appointment.  Long story short: your best interpreters are considered first when automating the your scheduling,.


Also, over 40 bugs squashed!


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