Features included:

  • QuickBooks two-way communication

Two way sync allows changes in Quickbooks to be automatically reflected in Boostlingo for mapping.  Added a new vendor, it will be immediately available to map to a Boostlingo interpreter without the need for manual sync.

  • Cancellation/Priority rates

Automatically assign priorities based on WHEN an appointment was scheduled and improved usability and flexibility for how cancellations are applied.  When building rates for these, Boostlingo now also allows percentage increases off your standard rate.

  • Date format according to locale

Customize your LSC to show Dates/Times in your regions format across the entire application!

  • Invoice Line Item Notes

Add custom notes to your invoice at the line item level.   Updating an amount for a call and want to inform your client, add a note before you send to inform them of the change.  They can respond with a full history of notes across the entire invoice.

  • Persistent Rollover option

Miss the 35 second option to rollover?  No worries, Boostlingo now has a persistent option when searching for an interpreter to roll your call over to OPI at ANYTIME.

  • Ability to export Interpreters list to CSV

One of our most requested items.  Now, as an LSC Admin, fully export your roster to CSV.

  • Allow multiple translations of the language

Boostlingo now introduces the ability to translate our language lists into ANY language for display across the entire system.  New language translations are being added all the time, for more information please reach out to your Account Manager.


Tons more improvements:

  • Reflect changes for expenses (Account Expenses) in Reports and Logs
  • Lock the headers in Logs, Accounts, Interpreters and other tables
  • Add Requestor contact information to appointment viewer
  • Invoices: filtering/ search results reset when opening and closing invoice viewer
  • Add Signed and Invoice/Expense fields to exports
  • Interpreter app: show names of other confirmed interpreters participating in an appointment
  • Multiple interpreters in appointment: changes to Appointment Scheduled email
  • Header Subtotal Customizations
  • Add Unique ID to company profile
  • Ability to calculate and auto-add commuting expense by the time, based on interpreter/account base rate
  • Appointment location: ability to restrict free text input
  • Click to Load Dashboard data

And… over 60 bugs squashed!


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