Web Features:

  • Requestor Caller Updates

Boostlingo's best in class OPI/VRI, already offering pre-call data and an expansive Menu system with voice recognition, continues to receive updates with our new Requestor caller.  Simplifying the ability to call, and reordering controls our caller now prioritizes Language policies and features you have enabled or disabled for your accounts.

  • Bulk Appointment Editor

Working with hundreds of appointments in a series just got easier with the Bulk Appointment Editor.  Broadcasting, confirming, canceling and more can now be an action taken  across multiple appointments in a series.  Do this by appointment or by interpreter.

  • List Management

Boostlingo knows each LSC is different, requiring different fields for different for verticals.  Customizing recall questions for audio/video calls, etc.

Now Boostlingo takes it a step further with the ability to customize Lists in the system.  We started with Service Type and Communication type but have built a framework to expand this to ALL lists in the system.

  • Appointment Tags/Labels

Customization hasn't stopped with lists it has also expanded into Statuses for your appointments (scheduled opi/vri/osi).  Statuses or what we call "Appointment Tags" can be added to any appointment for any status and used directly invoices

  • Manual Workflow

Flexibility and customization are one in the same.  Boostlingo's manual workflow edits allow you to move to any end statuses.  Was an appointment completed but had a no show and needs to be canceled.  Do this now as an admin and Boostlingo will adjust statuses, billing, invoices and notifications for you.

  • 3rd Party Billing at Appointment Level

Simplify invoicing by allowing 3rd party billing assignment at the time of creating an appointment.  This feature is tied into custom forms so you can hide and show it based on the account.

  • Invoice direct from Appointment

Options in appointments continue to make it easier to invoice.  You can now create an invoice direct from an appointment.


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