●    Rollup Notifications

Reduce message fatigue by rolling up common notifications into a single email ANY role can act on. Get more productive with fewer emails.

●    Appointment Form Customization

Design an appointment creation form that works for your clients. Standard fields can now be reordered, hidden or even made optional. Complete customization of an appointment form built directly into the Custom Forms module.

●    Special Rate Schedules

Create schedules of operation and tie rates to each. Charge more for night shifts and less for weekday sessions. Complete Rate flexibility.

●    Interpreter Broadcast List

Prioritize, broadcast only or exclude specific interpreters from appointment broadcasting account by account.

●    Consumer Fields Enhancements

Capture pertinent info on end users/LEPs by adding new fields, renaming and reordering all Consumer Types. New interactive data to capture like: Address of LEP that can immediately be used for your Appointment location

●    Profile Phone Number Changes

Phone number are no longer required, extensions added, work numbers can be duplicated across the system, and more!

●    Better Visibility of Adjusted OSI Start & End Times

When an admin revises an appointment’s start and end time, you will see it in the Appointment Viewer, Logs, and Appointment Print Screen 


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