Features included:

  • Time Conflicts and Double Booking

Identify scheduling conflicts by time, location, account, requestor and consumer.   Find who created these appointments and all relevant information without leaving the Appointment create screen.

Decide to create this appointment and even double-book Interpreters for multiple appointments when you know they'll be at the same location all day.


  • Custom Forms Broadcasting... Custom forms everywhere!

Data from pre-call, appointments and interpreter profiles can now be find in all logs.  Choose which fields appears where, save them to CSV, access them from Broadcast screen and even add them to Account invoices so your clients can view their important custom info.


  • IVR Enhancements

Rethinking the IVR user experience we've spent time improving instructions for custom forms, reducing redundant announcements and even improved recorded voices.


LSC admins can now select between 6 improved automated voices built by Amazon.   These voices, called Amazon Polly, are a Text-to-Speech service that uses advanced deep learning technologies to synthesize speech that sounds like a human voice.

Select from 6 in 3.3 but expect more in the future.


  • Invoicing Improvements

Find out Appointment statuses directly from invoicing and even have access to all signed documents directly from the invoice viewer. 


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