Features included:

  • Language Management

LSCs now have the ability to control what languages are available per Communication type and even by Account.  Allow access to ONLY the languages your roster supports or forward only specific languages to the Boostlingo crowd.


  • Interpreter Notes/threads

Access to ALL appointment notes in a centralized messaging area.  Interpreters can respond to notes directly from their mobile app and receive push notifications when there is a response.


  • Requestor Scheduling

By configuration and LSC can now allow their requestors and requestors admins to create appointments and immediately send to the LSC for review.  An approval process is now optional, allowing for more requests and less work for your clients


  • Appointment Calendar Filtering

Find the correct appoint with improved filter, expanded free-text support and a new Status Dashboard that shows you (in all views) the number of appointment by the current Workflow status.


  • Restrict Cancellations

Determine who can cancel and how close to an appointment start time they can do this without the need for administrative approval.  Supports both interpreters and Requestors for both Web and Mobile.


  • User Registrations without Invite

Customize and expose a link that requestor can simply navigate to for direct registration into your Account.  No longer need to invite them by email, just expose the link, choose automatic approvals and allow them to make calls immediately.


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