Features included:


  • Conference calling

Ability for Interpreters to dial out to a third party and add them to a preexisting call.  LSCs can setup custom rates for Conference calling and Logs and Invoices updated to include specific third party duration.


  • Pre-call for IVR

Customize questions and capture Pre-Call information prior to a call with text-to-speech and transcription IVR support.   Questions captured are logged for access in call logs!


  • Interpreter Privacy Settings

Options to withhold sensitive appointment information until after an interpreter has been scheduled OSI, OPI, or VRI appointment.   Updates are pushed to the Web, Mobile and even notifications.  


  • Bulk Re-invite

Re-invite multiple users with a single click.  All users in the invited state will automatically have their LSC invite resent.


  • LSC admins can update Requestor Profile

LSC admins now have complete control over an end-users profile information.   From Default Languages to primary Service Types.


  • LSC admins can see IVR pins of requestors

Admin access to the pins used to connect to an LSCs IVR system, shown directly in the Account viewer.


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