Features included:

  • Custom Forms

Our largest feature to date.  Custom forms allows LSCs to completely customize how data is collected , and reported on, across the entire application.   Add fields to an appointment forms, ask questions prior to ANY call, even update an Interpreters profile to capture company specific information.   Secure fields by any role, so now LSC admins can add a field to a profile to capture data only THEY see.


  • Appointment Signature Workflow

Do you accounts require manual signature of a statement of work before you invoice them?  Now Boostlingo will allow LSCs to setup this up, track it’s progress, and add Appointments to invoices ONLY if they signed and reconciled.


  • Time based Cancelation rates

Has an appointment ended within 24,12, or 1 hour(s) of it’s scheduled time?   Now you can customize a charge for that across any one of your accounts.


  • Automated Mileage Expenses

Automatically calculate and add mileage expenses to any appointment based on account specific per mile rates.   Each completed appointment will now automatically add this expense for both the Interpreter and, optionally, your client.


  • Rate Tiers and Thresholds

Do you charge a connection fee for calls and then change that price after the 1st minute?   Boostlingo now will allow you to configure tiered pricing for calls for any language or service type.


  • Accepting on Behalf of Interpreters

Give schedulers the ability to confirm interpreters without their need to accept through email.

Plus over 60 bug fixes and improvements!


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