Features included:


  • Fully automate your scheduling workflow.   Automatically broadcast appointments to your best resources, and automatically confirm the first to accept.   Scale your business from 100-1000 appointments a day without spending more time and money to manage.

Permissions update

  • More refined permissions allowing you to pick and choose who takes scheduled calls vs OnDemand.

Interpreter/Account filters

  • Filter by language, zone, permissions, and even supported expertise.   Do this in Account and Interpreter management to find the correct data immediately.

Intelligent WF

  • Need a time change but want access to the same interpreters? Let Boostlingo automatically notify, re-invite and reconfirm interpreters for common field changes like Time, Duration, Location, Service type, communication type and even Language.

Recurring Appointment Series Edits

  • Creating a 1000 occurrence appointment and need to make changes to all?   Need to edit just a single occurrence?  Want to cancel all 1000 at once?  Boostlingo now allows full control of Appointment series like you'd expect.

Associate Reauthenticated numbers with Known user

  • Associate phone numbers with users so now IVR calls can be properly identified with the correct individual.


Plus over 90 bug fixes and improvements!



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