Features included:

    Scheduled OPI/VRI

Provides the ability to pre-schedule calls for OPI or VRI.  Scheduled calls ensure an interpreter will be available to provide interpretation in iOS, Android, Web or Landline sessions.

    Audio/Video chat

Chat with your interpreter on the Boostlingo secure network during a live call.  Chats are never saved or cached.

    Consumer management

Manage your LEP contacts for each account.  Track their specific appointments and see the interpreters they interact with.

    Acknowledge reports

Create a requirement that interpreters re-confirm their attendance and track this across all appointments through our Reporting Framework. 

    Cancelation/priority rates

Customize how you charge Accounts based on how they cancel an appointment, or they're requesting for that Appointment.

    Notifications 2.0

New redesign to Notification management allows set for email, SMS, or Push per notification type.   Find and update your notification quickly and even support custom roles.

    Hide/Show Account Rates

Show rates to the Accounts you want and hide them from Accounts that don't use those services.

    Web Notifications

Notifications can now be sent directly to admins in the web. 

    Missed Call Logs

Stepped away from your machine and miss a call?   Boostlingo now show records of Missed Calls directly in the Web Caller app.

    Notification center

Miss a notification?   If you turn on Web Notifications they will now stack in the Notification center for review at a later time.

    Web Video Screen updates

    Invite Account During Appointment Create

    View Interpreter Availability Prior to Invite

    Log updates

    Pre-authenticated appointment email actions

    Opt-In Appointment Cancelation service

    Add Suite/Room Number to Address

    Quick Dial Updates

Plus over 80 bug fixes and improvements!


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