Features included:

  • Role Management - ability to assign application permissions to an administrator
  • Custom Roles - ability to save those permissions to a custom role for easy assignment of permissions
  • Feature Management - turn on/off features for your accounts
  • Accept/Decline appointments directly from email - no need to have app access, accept and decline directly from email
  • Big Finger Mode – Andorid - quick dial access to requestors
  • Big Finger Mode – iOS - quick dial access to requestors
  • Improved Adding interpreters to Appointment (Zone, State, Rates) 
  • Privacy Screen in Web - turn on or off your video screen to enter privacy mode
  • Upgraded Recurrence options in Appointments
  • Draft Appointments for Requestors - a draft and approval workflow, controlled by the LSC Admins prior to scheduling 
  • Updated Invoice Search - search by status across all invoices


Plus over 80 bug fixes and improvements!


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