Android Interpreter App - Release Version - 1.1.0

Features included:

  • Full Boostlingo Scheduling App
  • Version check
  • Unique Appointment/Calls IDs


Bugs Squashed:

  • [Mobile][Android] Unable to load profile picture
  • [Android] Warn dialog displayed after ending reconnected call
  • [Android] Typo in connection warn message
  • [Android, Interpreter] App crashes when receiving incoming call
  • [Android] [Interpreter] RatingView
  • [Android] [Interpreter] Bluetooth permissions
  • [Mobile][Android][Client] Audio and video calls stop to work
  • [Mobile][Android] [Client] App crashes while opening main screen only in release build
  • [Android] Interpreter: when call ends - interpreter goes offline, no rating dialog
  • [Mobile][Appointments] Unexpected items copies in appointments list
  • [Mobile][Android] Interpreter app: high battery usage
  • [Android, Interpreter] Can't answer the second audio call
  • [Android, Interpreter] Settings: user may uncheck "My android" checkbox when phone number is not set for account
  • [Android, Client] Rate dialog displayed only when starting next call
  • [Android] Rate dialog should be closed if it was closed on another device






..and and 15 other bug/stability fixes.



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