New Major Features
•Web App UI/UX redesign
o Admin configuration
o Interpreter service snapshot
o Account service snapshot
Brand new, streamlined experience giving administrators access to the most relevant information across all aspects of their business. Dedicated calendars for Requestors and Interpreters. Simplified views for Profiles, Permissions and snapshots of usage + Much, much, more!

• Expense management Customizable expense management now let's you track interpreter expenses across appointments. Set categories and track payment directly from the Boostlingo platform.

• Interpreter Rate Overrides - Customize interpreter rates for your best resources or simply create a company standard based on Language and Service.

• Boostlingo Mobile App (IOS) with Calendar and Boost Visual On site management
Visual now in your pocket. Interpreters can manage their onsite appointments all from their mobile application. Interpreters can reply, track and confirm all appointments as well as take on-demand OPI/VRI in their downtime.

• Android Video
Boostlingo official release of Android Audio and Video services. (Was in BETA)

• Requestor Location Management
Administrators can manage multiple locations for a single account. These locations are selectable for your appointments and anywhere in the system. Will allow tracking of separate cost centers within single account

• LSP Admin Account Provisioning
Administrators can now immediately add, remove, update Accounts AND invite requestors directly to each account. Full management of how and when your customers can use your services.

• Analytics Dashboard (all roles)
Track total earnings for OnDemand Services, OPI, VRI and OSI appointments. See usage spikes across Weekly and Monthly views, trace Rating changes per call for all Accounts, Requestor, Interpreters and Administrators.

• Boostlingo visual 2.0
o Streamlined appointment configuration
o Appointment chat
New streamlined appointment views to give better access to most important information. Quick access to documents, interpreter broadcasting, and a new Chat feature that allows all members to communicate about an event.

•Boostlingo Android InterpretManager Brandable app
Requestors across each device type now can see your branding for your services.

Additional Improvements
• Appointment Workflow Additions for Interpreter Rejections
• Calendar Tab view support in Account/Interpreter pages
• Add ability to upload/attach a receipt image to an expense
• Remember appointments view settings
• Add ability to change number of interpreters after appointment is scheduled
• Appointment Status Colors - Updated
• Add a calendar to Requestor account
• NAATI accreditation tracking
• Branded emails now come from your white-labeled interpretmanager URL

Bugs Squashed:
• [Appointments] Unable to assign interpreters with "Select..." options
• [Notifications] Interpreter: Notification link that require confirmation doesn't lead to the right page
• [Appointments] Assigning multiple interpreters to appointment issues
• [Appointments] Rejected/not scheduled interpreter workflow
• [WEB] [Profile] User is unable to upload "heavy" images
• Fixed Caching issues
• [Rate] Rate dialog appear every time caller updates
• [Appointments] Interpreter Admin: Deleted requestor accounts are shown in appointment creation form
• [Calls] Direct calls to phone are coming through when user is offline
• [Appointments] "Add" button is available after appointment is scheduled
• [Routing] LSP interpreters are not always the first ones to call
• [Interpreter Profile] Industries: "Other" is listed twice
• [WEB] [Safari] Interpreter: caller app goes offline after 10 min of inactivity
• IVR -> GSM with confirmation
• [Reconnect] Client reacts to the reconnection with delay
• [Appointments] Interpreter is still shown with "time conflict" after time of appointment was edited
• [Appointments] QA: unable to broadcast to internal interpreters
• [Mobile] Call duration: video call time in the app is up to 10 sec more than in the web
• [Dashboard]: Call Logs: Latest call record is not displayed until page is refreshed
• [WEB/Mobile] [Rating] Requestor rating is not displayed in incoming call screen
• [Appointment] Interpreter with status "Declined" can't be removed
• [Appointments] Appointment viewer corrections
• [Appointment] Consumer information issues
• [Appointments] Appointment can't be opened from the Appointment log (Dashboard)
• [Appointments] Can't cancel scheduled appointment
• [Appointments] Not able to add interpreters to recurrent appointments
• [Appointment] Create Appointment Form issues
• [Appointments] LSP admin: Accept button is available for interpreter who was not chosen
• [Appointments] "Remove" next to interpreter name is visible for interpreter and requestor
• [Appointments] Requestor can see appointments from other accounts
• [Caller] Caller can't connect after reconnect was used
• [Appointments] "Cancel" link displayed for Completed or Canceled appointments
• [Appointments] Doublebooking (time conflict) issues
• [Rating] Rating stars are wrapping
• [Appointment Logs] Download to CSV: Expenses are not populated
• [Appointments] Incorrect duration is shown in the calendar and billing tab
• [Reconnect] Incorrect statuses and can't end a call after reconnect
• [Call center] can't set phone number, permissions and accept calls
• [Appointment] Add interpreters UI issues
• [Branding] Clicking "Answer" for pre-start or overage notification email redirects user to boostlingo url
• [Appointments] Appointment Log -> Date range: no right arrow in the calendar
• [Appointments] Requestor admin can't see activities in appointments of non-admin requestors
• Appointments Log takes 20-30 seconds to load with 100+ results
• Can't go to calendar after appointment is created
• [WEB] UI improvements for new screens
• [Appointments] No appointments are shown in Appointments Log
• [Appointments] Duplicating "Add interpreters" button is shown when Appointment viewer is opened from notification email
• [Routing] not signed in interpreter or interpreter with closed caller, counts when forming buckets
• [Appointments] Pre-start and end notifications: no YES/NO after logging in


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