Features included:

  • Filter rates by languages
  • Automatic/Manual Redials
  • Appointment ID in logs
  • Improved Calendar scalability
  • Interpreter Revisions in web

Bugs Squashed:

  • [Web][Rating] User is able to provide different rating for the same call - from different devices
  • [Call Logs] Download to CSV: video call duration for some records is 4 hours more
  • [WEB] [Permissions] Error message when all permissions are deleted
  • [Web] Rate dialog not displayed for IVR call ended from client's side
  • [Web][Appointments:] Filter category with unchecked options should stay expanded when navigating between pages
  • [Web] Requestors of disabled and deleted accounts can make IVR calls
  • [WEB] [Android] [iOS] Requestor account: changed default service type and native language are not updated in the caller
  • [Web] Slow routing
  • [WEB] Interpreter Profile: only 1 row of text in degree field can be saved
  • [Web] Tune up logs
  • [Web] [Video call] [Delayed] Call doesn't ends for client when Interpreter end a call (call duration >1 hour)
  • [WEB] [Appointments] Not able to schedule appointment when gender is other than "No preference"
  • [Web, Video call] [FF] Second call ends in about 1 minute if previous call was disconnected
  • [Web, FF] Video call disconnected but not ended for interpreter if he canceled page refreshing
  • [Android] Incorrect error message when username or password is incorrect


...and 10 more bugs improving stability.


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