New Features Added

  • Stay online at all times – now when you sign off you can still get calls pushed to your iPhone or Android device
  • IVR call improvements – more interpreters and more options with improvements to enabling the Crowd
  • Double-booking (Auto-reject interpreters) – interpreters will now be checked for existing appointments and Requestors/Admins will be notified if they are already booked
  • Requestor App and Online interpreters now shows the crowd (if enabled)
  • Adjusting Start End/Time – Appointments now allow LSP admins to adjust duration and start/end time to account for meetings that have gone over
  • Rate Cards – Rate card support allowing you to add rates to Accounts, Interpreters, Appointments for every service Boostlingo offers
  • Onsite Permission to Communication Type – now you can set a permission to allow interpreters to take on-site appointments
  • CSV reports now include Rate information – export you usage in csv format and use it in any third party system
  • Appointment Uploads – upload invoices, SOWs, vouchers, expenses to any appointment
  • Appointments - Select Requestor Accounts that have not confirmed – immediate provisioning of a requestor account.  Get an appointment scheduled in minutes
  • Hours/Minutes configuration for Rates – rates can be customized by Minute, hours, or fixed price
  • Add Consumer Options – more LEP consumer options for every appointment
  • Identifying our Apps – now clear identification of what role and what system you’re logged in as (Interpreter Management console, Requestor Console)
  • Date & Time changes – simplified date and time selection with duration control
  • Unify text and default stars across iOS, Android and web
  • Workflow Additions for Interpreter Rejections – interpreters can now reject an appointment
  • Search for Interpreters/Accounts – search by name, email, language, service type, company name etc
  • Text changes for clarity and more options in an appointment form


Over 35 bugs squashed:

  • Client app display reconnect dialog after direct gsm call was ended
  • [Appointment][Recurrence] Recurrence not working
  • [Appointments] Assign Interpreters: Admin is able to add and assign interpreters to appointment more than once
  • [Appointments] Appointment Form issues
  • [Appointments] Dashboard -> Call Log: Calls cannot be sorted by type
  • [Web][IVR] Copy to clipboard not working
  • [Appointments] Call center interpreter can be assigned to appointment
  • [WEB] [Location] Address not chosen from the suggested list is not located on the Map
  • [Web, Client] Default permissions for Client are not set
  • [WEB] Interpreter Admin is able to invite requestor email that is already in use
  • [Web, Recover password] incorrect warn message if email not found
  • [Web] Changed email still reserved
  • [Appointments] Interpreter: Canceled appointments disappear from Appointments Log
  • [WEB] Unable to download Appointments log
  • [Appointments] Add interpreters through "+" icon: Interpreter address is not located
  • [WEB] Interpreter Admin -> Accounts: Number of Account users includes deleted users
  • [Call Center] Remove Permissions and Profile Details for call center role
  • [Call Center] Confusing call routing priority logic
  • HTTP does not redirect to HTTPS
  • Interpreter continue ringing after client canceled reconnect
  • [Reconnect] [Interpreter] Interpreter can not reject reconnected call
  • [WEB] QA: Unable to delete requestor account
  • [WEB] [Appointments] Unable to add interpreters to recurrent appointments (starting from the 2nd)
  • [Routing] Boostie interpreters are not connecting after CC call was canceled
  • [Interpreter] [Profile Details] If at least 1 required field is not filled - Saving fails silently
  • [WEB] [Caller App] UTC time in status notifications (timezone issue)
  • [Appointments] Appointment status is still "scheduled" after start time passed
  • [WEB] Changed requestor company name is not reflected in interpreter admin Accounts view
  • [Calls] "Hanging Up..." is shown instead of End Call, not able to end the call
  • [WEB] Location/Address field (Profile and Appointment) shows error message when entering valid address
  • [Caller] Caller can't connect for one user
  • [IVR to direct GSM] Caller in web continue displaying "Connected on GSM" after call was canceled
  • [IVR -> Web] The call does not end after the translator ends the call
  • [Appointments] 'Select interpreters' and 'Select interpreters by location' pop-up displayed incorrectly
  • [WEB] [Interpreter Admin] Account users' dashboard is not displayed
  • [Appointments] Requestor: Appointment view popup is empty


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