Web Release Version:

New Features Added

  • Performance updates throughout the application. Appointments filtering greatly improved
  • Appoint View Page cleanup
  • Additional Preference selections added to all views in Appointments
  • Table paging across all configuration tables allowing for easier Interpreter/Admin searching
  • Communication modes sync across entire application (Profiles, Permissions, Appointments)
  • Call Centers now added as an Interpreter invite option - now you configure and integrate your own phone systems in Boostlingo
  • Added more Modalities to Appointment selection
  • Enabling the crowd requires no configuration. Simply turn it on or off.  (Routing begins March 1 - 2017)
  • Interpreter calls now show only 1st Name and their Boostlingo Interpreter ID. Privacy is important!
  • Non-root admins now have access to Administration menu




Bugs Squashed

  • Interpreter failed to connect when first logging into system
  • Requestor logs now showing in Overview dashboard
  • Call flow issue when a call center answers (all other disconnected)
  • Continuous ringing for certain users
  • Call centers receiving Video calls
  • Smart Reconnect feature not working in all scenarios
  • Chrome/Edge/Safari issues with Interpreter Web App
  • Appointment log issues
  • Profile image support for large sized images
  • Appointment cancelation errors
  • Timezone issues across entire application
  • Statuses issues in Appointment workflow
  • "No interpreter..." message is shown for a moment before showing the list of available interpreters
  • Requestor admin: calendar: appointment short description popover doesn't close when clicking outside
  • Canceled appointments disappear from Appointments Log
  • Interpreter admin: interpreter permissions window closes after clicking Add
  • Interpreter Admin: Deleted requestor accounts are shown in appointment creation form
  • Add interpreters: interpreters are not filtered out by Service Type
  • Add interpreters: only 4 interpreters fit in 1 page; "items total" is inaccurate
  • Add button is disabled when "Select All" option is selected
  • Incorrect warning message when trying to schedule appointment less than 10 min prior to start time




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