Web Release Version: (68)

 New Features Added

  • Session timeout for interpreters has been extended to 8 hours from 25 minutes.  Now interpreters can remain online all day without the need to reconnect to server.
  • Appointment stacking.  Appointments will now stack based on Status. This will allow Admins to create 100+ appointments at the same time and still have a readable calendar.  See here: https://www.screencast.com/t/4FvVGu5YykBF
  • Download to CSV on all Dashboards.  Feature allows you to download current filter to an excel document.  See here: https://www.screencast.com/t/gEaH7WCiUD
  • SMS support added to Calendar notifications (works for people with phone number saved to profile)


Bugs Squashed:

  • Requestor Account user lists now show full images
  • Whitelabeling issues fixed across all themes and new UI
  • Fixed ability to assign multiple interpreters to a single appointment
  • Interpreters have Access to full calendar app
  • Cancelation workflow improvements (Who can cancel at what status)
  • Select Interpreter by location bug fixed
  • Resend invitation bug fixed
  • Scheduling notification improvements
  • Calendar refresh issues
  • Appointment Recurrence issues fixed
  • Timezone issues addressed
  • Cross browser support issues fixed


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