Common reasons you cannot add a job to an invoice

There are three common reasons that a job would not be added to an invoice even if all of the other requirements are met: 


The job has already been invoiced

A job cannot be invoiced more than once. If you need to change the invoice that a job is associated with you will need to first detach that job from the invoice it is currently associated with. From there you will be able to re-invoice it. 

The appointment requires a signature and is unsigned. 

If you have a need to invoice an appointment without a signature when one is required the best option is to upload a black page to the signature tab. Once there is something uploaded you will be able to invoice the appointment. 

The job is a cancelled appointment with $0 amount

If you wish to include cancelled appointments with $0 amounts you need to click advanced on the create invoices screen and check the box for Include Cancelled Appointments with $0 Amounts


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