Creating a Language Policy

Use Language Policies to restrict access to languages you do not support, and customize the offerings at the account level.

Creating Policy

To create a Language Policy navigate to Configuration > Company > Customize > Language Policies. On the left side, you are able to select OPI, OSI, VRI or Other based on the call type of the policy you are creating. 


Once the call type is selected, click Create Language Policy and enter a name with an optional description. Click Create Language Policy.


Adding Languages

Once the Language Policy is created, you will want to add languages and members to utilize this policy. To add languages, select a policy and click Add/Edit Language.


From the Hidden column, search for the specific language(s) you wish to add and select. Once selected, click the single leftward facing arrow to add the language to the Policy.


You can move all languages from your filtered search by selecting the double leftward facing arrows.


Once the left-hand column Available includes all the desired languages, click Save Changes to lock them in place.

Adding Accounts

In order for accounts to utilize the Language Configuration from the previous step, you must add accounts to this Language Policy. To add accounts to this policy select the Policy Members near the top and click Add Accounts.


You can then add accounts by selecting from the drop-down menu or selecting the check box marked All to add all accounts.


Once the desired accounts are selected, click Add Chosen to save.

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