Troubleshooting Boostlingo on a Computer Browser

The supported browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If the steps below do not resolve the issue, please contact your administrator or account manager.

Troubleshooting/diagnostic steps:

  1. Hard refresh your browser. While on the page that's not working, hold Ctrl and press F5 (for PCs) or hold down ⌘ Cmd and ⇧ Shift and press R (for Macs).

  2. Turn your computer off and on again. It seems simple, but it clears out any frozen processes that might be bogging down your computer.

  3. Check your network or signal strength. Do other websites load? Run the network test at

  4. Run the network Twilio Test to ensure the system is not blocking the calls at

  5. Use a recommended browser: Google Chrome or Firefox. Make sure that camera and microphone access are enabled in the browser:

  6. If using a headset, test calls with/without the headset

  7. Determine if your computer is operating slower than usual. For a PC, open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc). Are any of the metrics running over 60 or 70%?

    For a mac, open the Activity Monitor (Command + Spacebar, type “Activity Monitor”, when Activity Monitor appears in the results hit Return). Check Your CPU, Memory and Disk usage. Is anything running high?
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