Audit Trail

The Audit Trail is a chronological record of all actions taken by users in the system that impacts Rates, Permissions, User Settings, Logins, Routing and more. Find who edited a setting and when and filter by day or type.


When viewing in the browser, the Audit Trail is located in the Insights tab.

*The audit trail is not available in the mobile app


To filter actions by date, select “Click to select range…” located in the top left. This will open a calendar allowing you to select a date range.


Audit Area allows you to filter action taken by: Rates, Permissions, Login/Logouts, User Actions, Routing and Accounts.


Roles of User allows you to filter actions taken by what role the user is. including: Requestor Admin, Requestor, LSC Admin, Interpreter, Requestor Root Admin and LSC Root Admin.


Users allow you to filter actions by a specific user or set of users. You may select from the drop-down menu or use the search bar.


Search allows you to search by typing a specific phrase pertaining to an action.


Reset Filters will clear any active filters applied to the audit trail tab

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