Create a Pre-call Policy

Use Pre-call Policies to customize the data collected from requestors prior to the call taking place.

Step 1: Add a field

navigate to Configuration > Company > Customize  Custom Fields and Forms > Fields


In the popup box, ​select the type of field to use and add additional information as needed (example below)


Once you have added the fields you will have the option to use them in a Pre-call policy.

Step 2: Create the Pre-call Policy

click Pre-call, and then click Create Pre-call policy.  A pop-up window will appear, Name the policy and add a description (optional).


In the Pre-call Form Policy viewer, click +Add Field to Form to add new fields to this policy.  Select the field (which you created in step 1) and then set the requirements for how this field should behave.  

Click Add field Configuration to save.


Step 3: Add accounts/requestors to this policy

Add accounts, or individual requestors, to this new policy in the Policy Members tab using the Add button.  You can view accounts or requestors already assigned to a policy as well.


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