Webex Integration - Add an Interpreter to a Meeting


  • Requires a paid Webex account using Desktop Version of Webex Meetings (cannot use Mobile App)
  • Only OPI (audio) calls supported
  • Users who sign in to Boostlingo via Apple or Google do not have access to this feature
  • Interpreters cannot dial a third party, all third parties should be added by the requestor in Webex directly

To invite an Interpreter to your Webex meeting-

  1. Start the Webex Meeting
  2. Click Apps
  3. Locate the InterpretManager app
  4. Enter the email you used to access InterpretManager
  5. Click Next
  6. Enter the password used to access InterpretManager
  7. Click Sign in
  8. Within the Caller -> enter the desired target language and click call
  9. In the next screen, enter the Webex Dial-in Info -> click Meeting Info near the top left, then copy/paste the details and click Begin Call
  10. If the requestor is part of a pre-call policy, the questions will appear and can be filled in before clicking Begin Call again  (if no pre-call policy applies, this step will be skipped)
  11. The system will search for an interpreter, and once one is ready click Admit to bring them into the call
  12. Once the interpreter is admitted, they will appear as a participant in the meeting.  Dismiss the interpreter by clicking End Call within the Caller (or end the entire Webex meeting)
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