Rates Overview - Setting Up Standard Rates, Rounding and Minimum

Getting Started

Within the Configuration module, click on the Billing tab and select the Rates option from the sub-menu (this option should be selected by default). Next, select either “Account” or “Interpreter” configure an “Account” or “Interpreter” rate. 


Note: To toggle between setting up a system “Account” or “Interpreter” rate, click on the Account or Interpreter options in the left-side menu while on the Rates tab.  You will notice that the “Add Rate” button will display for whom you are adding the rate.


You will first need to add at least one Account Rate and one Interpreter Rate to be used as the system level rates, meaning these will be the base rates and should only be used as templates when creating new rates.


Select either “Add Account Rate” or “Add Interpreter Rate” to begin configuring a standard rate card.


Standard Rate

The Standard Rate is the default hourly/per-minute rate that will apply to a call or appointment if: 1. no minimum is set, or 2. after the minimum amount has been met.  Additionally, one can apply up to two (2) thresholds to each rate card.

Thresholds allow the ability to apply differing rate amounts as the call or appointment becomes longer in duration.

Example: I would like to charge $1.25 for the first 30 minutes of a call or appointment, $1.00 for the proceeding 30 minutes, and then $0.75 for the remainder of the call or appointment. The rate card would appear as follows:



The Boostlingo platform will allow for rounding (either up or down) in 1 , 5 , 15, or 30-minute increments. Alternatively, one can utilize the “pro-rata” option which will round up to the exact minute or second.


For example, if a rounding interval of 15 minutes is selected and the direction is set to “Up”, assuming the minimum is set to “0” or “None” and an appointment or call lasts for less than 15 minutes, the system will automatically calculate that session as 15 minutes’ worth of work. 



Additionally, the Boostlingo platform will allow the configuring of a minimum duration for a call or appointment when calculating the total account charge or total interpreter pay. If a minimum duration is set, a call or appointment with the rate card applied that does not meet the minimum threshold will be charged / paid an amount based on the minimum set.


For example, if a minimum of “15 minutes” is set with a standard rate of $0.50 per minute, a call or appointment lasting just 5 minutes in duration will be charged / paid as lasting in 15 minutes in duration – a total of $7.50.

Note: rounding does not correlate with minimums. If rounding has been set, it will not be applicable until after the minimum has been met.


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