Appointment Auto-Broadcasting

Use this setting to automatically broadcast appointments based on your available interpreters and the requirements of the appointment.

How it works

The setting can be configured as OFF or ON.  When set to ON, the system will automatically send invitations to interpreters with the proper permissions to facilitate the appointment based on Language Pair, Communication Type, Service Type, and any preferred broadcast lists configured for the account.

The system will space out invitations in batches based on the Interval and Batch-size as shown below.  The minimum interval is 30 minutes, and the maximum batch size is 20.


At the Account Level, LSC Admins can customize which eligible interpreters will be invited/prioritized through auto-broadcasting, as well as which interpreters should not be invited.

Configuring auto-broadcasting

This setting can be configured in the following ways, from the most general setting to the most specific:

1) System Level - applying to all accounts as a default

To locate this setting, log in as an LSC Admin and navigate to Configuration --> Company --> Appointments.  Next, click on Auto-Broadcasting.


2) Account Level - override the system level settings to customize this setting based on the needs of each account

The setting will default to whatever is configured at the System Level. To over-ride this setting for a particular account, log in as an LSC Admin and navigate to the Account Viewer for the account you need to update.  Click the Appointments tab and locate Auto-Broadcasting. 


3) Appointment Level - during appointment creation, choose auto-broadcasting settings that meet the needs of the appointment

As part of the Standard Appointment Form, there is a prompt to configure automation settings for that particular appointment; any automation setting configured at the Appointment Level will over-ride the Account and System level settings.  This option is only available to LSC admins who are creating appointments (it would not appear for a requestor creating an appointment).


Note: for custom Appointment Forms, it is optional to include automation settings.


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