Zoom (For Partners) - How to add an audio interpreter to a Zoom virtual meeting

Once connected to a Zoom conference, you must first disable the Waiting Room feature and ensure that the option to lock the meeting is also disabled. Click the ellipses and ensure that both settings are correct.


Select “Participants” to invite an interpreter to the call.



Select “Invite”



Select “Email”


Select the email service where the contact list was uploaded. If using a service that is not listed, click “Copy Invitation”. Copying only the link is not supported.


Open the email service where the contact list was uploaded.


Create a new email and paste the invitation within the body


From the recipient list, select the interpreter contact you would like to invite based on their contact language and service type. For example, “Spanish Business Interpreter”


Send the email, and an interpreter will join the Zoom session shortly! Once connected, your interpreter will give a standard greeting  and may request data that is required by your organization.


Note the interpreter has joined by the addition of a new participant in the virtual meeting.


To end the virtual meeting, click “End”



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