Notifications - Setting System Roles


System Roles

Within the Boostlingo platform, each user is assigned a certain system role based on the user’s account type, such as an LSC administrator or an interpreter. System roles allow notifications to be sent to certain users when certain events occur, such as the creation of an appointment or the approval of an invoice.


System roles that are configurable for notifications include:

  • Interpreter Root Admin (LSC administrator)
  • Interpreter
  • Requestor Admin (client administrator)
  • Requestor

To configure system roles for notifications, first navigate to the notification settings by going to Configuration -> Company -> Notifications.


Select a notification settings card, then set the system roles for the notification within the System Roles section of the selected notification’s settings.


Note: System Roles for notifications can be adjusted at any time for any notification type within the notification’s settings configuration card




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