Notifications - Setting Custom Roles

Custom roles allow an LSC root administrator to control what features default administrators within their organization have access to within the Boostlingo platform, such as the ability to manage appointments or view invoices. For notifications, custom roles allow messages to be sent to administrators who fall within a more specified role, such as an Appointment Watcher.

Administrators can elect to “watch” certain accounts, or even appointments, within the Boostlingo platform. An administrator who is an Appointment Watcher can choose what notifications are sent out when watching appointments.


Becoming an Account Watcher

To watch an account, first navigate to Configuration -> Accounts.


Select the account to watch. Then, toggle the option to watch appointments created under the account via the “Start watching” or “Stop watching” option located under the account’s name within Account Viewer.


Becoming an Appointment Watcher

Alternatively, an administrator can become a watcher for specific appointments. To toggle this feature on/off, find and select the appointment to watch within the Appointments module.


Toggle the option to watch a specific appointment via the “Start watching” or “Stop watching” option located under the appointment subject within Appointment Viewer.


Setting Custom Roles for Notifications

To set custom roles for any notification type within the Boostlingo platform, first navigate to Configuration -> Company -> Notifications.


Select a notification settings card, then set the custom roles for the notification within the Custom Roles section of the selected notification’s settings.

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