Interpreter Call Flows

Interpreter Call Flows


Boostlingo has 3 options for interpreters to receive and answer their calls.  Read below:


App or Web

Receiving calls from the App or Web is the default modality for all Interpreters.  It is enabled by clicking the following option inside the interpreter app:  



This allows you to accept incoming calls from the Web (in browser) or from your Boostlingo Interpreter App.


Ring-out to Phone

Interpreter access to a PC with a working Cam/Mic&Speakers should not be a requirement to provide interpretation services.  Boostlingo recognizes this and allows Interpreters to forward calls to any landline number.  Interpreters simply need to click the following option: 



Now when an incoming call is Accepted from the App or Web, Boostlingo will route the requestor call to the landline selected.



Direct to Phone

Interpreters work in many environments, some have 0 internet access.  0 PCs, 0 iPhones and 0 tablets.  Boostlingo still allows calls to be received from the platform!  With the following options selected: 


Calls won’t need to be accepted before forwarding to a landline.  Boostlingo will Accept the call for you and route immediately to your landline.


Notice:  The interpreter never accepted the call, it immediately routed to the landline saved to the interpreter account.  This happens whether you’re logged on or not, Boostlingo remembers your settings and routes accordingly. 

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