Interpreter Call Flows

Interpreter Call Flows


Boostlingo has 2 options for interpreters to receive and answer their calls.  Read below:


App or Web

Receiving calls from the App or Web is the default modality for all Interpreters.  It is enabled by clicking the following option inside the interpreter app:  



This allows you to accept incoming calls from the Web (in browser) or from your Boostlingo Interpreter App.


Ring-out to Phone

Interpreter access to a PC with a working Cam/Mic&Speakers should not be a requirement to provide interpretation services.  Boostlingo recognizes this and allows Interpreters to forward calls to any landline number.  Interpreters simply need to click the following option: 



Now when an incoming call is Accepted from the App or Web, Boostlingo will route the requestor call to the landline selected.





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