Microphone and Camera Access

Microphone and Camera Access


When using Boostlingo web for telephonic or video interpreting you will need to allow Mic and Camera access for each individual browser. Typically, the first time you use Boostlingo in your browser it will request the necessary access. If you miss that request, or want to change your initial answer, you are able to do that in the browser settings after the initial prompt. 


The initial prompts for Chrome and Firefox look like this: 





To update your settings after the initial request: 


Click on the lock in the top left corner of the URL bar next to the URL for Boostlingo itself (IE or your branded URL): 


Select Site settings at the bottom of the dropdown. While there are many settings the most important ones are Camera, Microphone, and Sound. We recommend setting these to allow as opposed to Ask so you do not need to take any extra steps when placing or accepting a call. 




Type about:preferences into the URL bar:



Once you are in your preferences click on Privacy & Security then scroll to the Permissions section and click Settings... next to Camera and Microphone: 


If you have previously made selections in Firefox you will see the option to manage those settings for each website. You want to make sure that the browser is set to allow or ask (if you wish to be prompted again) in-order to allow access. 


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