Boostlingo Browser Support

Boostlingo Browser Support



Boostlingo delivers video and telephonic phone calls directly to your browser using a technology called WebRTC.

What is WebRTC?

Web + Real Time Communication.  Tons of more data here ( but ultimately it allows Boostlingo to deliver audio/video to web browsers WITHOUT the need for a plugin.  It’s magic but it comes with a caveat…   It’s currently supports the latest browser and support is ongoing.

Those browsers are the Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

See usage of browsers reported in 2016:


Thankfully Boostlingo will also employ a plugin for older legacy browser.  The final result is audio/video anywhere.


What about Safari and Internet Explorer?

Currently legacy IE and Safari on Mac and Windows do not support WebRTC.  So how do we work?   Thankfully Boostlingo has a Flash Alternative backstop for communication but it requires Flash installed.  


For your information here is the full matrix of browser support below (as of March 2016)



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