Boostlingo Community and Feature Requests

Boostlingo Community is your source of latest updates, useful articles, FAQs and many more.

You can access it by following this link: 

To register:

  1. Click Sign In on the top right
  2. Click “Sign Up” in the login popup window:img44.png
  3. Fill up Sign Up for Boostlingo form. Email with confirmation link should be sent to your inbox shortly
  4. Click on the link to create password and sign in.

You are all set! Now you are a member of Boostlingo Community and have a full access to all materials and have a chance to influence the product roadmap.

Feature Request

We are very flexible, agile and responsive to our clients’ requests. If our platform is missing some features that are essential for your business needs, or you want to suggest modifications to existing features - we want to hear from you!

Feature requests can be submitted in our Boostlingo Community:


Note: Only registered users are able to submit Feature Requests.

We normally do not send personal replies to feature requests. We do, however, read each and every message. Your contributions will help us shape the future of Boostlingo.

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