Call is not connecting

Issue: After interpreter clicks Answer to incoming call, the call is in status “Connecting…” but never connects.

There are few possible reasons and things to check in this case:

  1. Make sure both interpreter and requestor are using supported hardware, software and recommended web browser. Detailed information regarding this topic can be found in our Minimum Requirements article.
  2. Unsupported Browser.  Boostlingo can be used in all browsers but is best used in Chrome or Firefox.  When using a smart device rely on our native app rather than Mobile Safari or Mobile Chrome.  
  3. If interpreter or client is using mobile application - make sure that app is up to date. If you are not sure how to do that - more information here.
  4. Insufficient bandwidth might be another reason. Visit (no plugins required) to check your internet connection speed. 2 Mbps upstream/downstream strongly recommended; minimum 1 Mbps upstream/downstream supported.
  5. Allow camera/mic access. The very first time you will be using Boostlingo app in web or on your mobile device - you will be prompted to allow application access to camera and microphone. Please remember that you will not be connected until you click “Allow” or “Share” (depending on the browser). More information regarding this topic can be found here.
  6. Sometimes you might be experiencing temporary connectivity issue that can be resolved by refreshing your browser page or force-closing the mobile app and reopening it (Note: in this case the call will be interrupted but will go to reconnect to the same interpreter).
  7. Contact Us. Please feel free to email if you continue to have trouble connecting to the video call.
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